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7 proven methods to motivate your team

7 proven methods to motivate your team

One of the biggest difficulties of running a business is the volume of staff turnover, and more importantly how to motivate your staff, especially in an industry such as cleaning where you must tidy other people’s messes.

It can be difficult to motivate and drive your team to reach a goal when the task seems near impossible, or in this case extremely disgusting.

From our experience, we’ve collected 7 methods which we use to motivate our teams and get the best results for our clients.

    • Recognition – Recognise a job well done, either tell them or show them your gratitude.
    • Give more responsibility – Increasing someone’s responsibility shows and proves your acknowledging the actions of your staff.
    • Give challenges – Everyone loves a challenge, it’s a way of someone expressing their problem-solving skills which a lot of people are both entertained and motivated by.
    • Bonuses – This is an obvious method, but cash bonuses would never go unnoticed.
    • Reward innovation – Notice new practices that yield greater results.
    • Make collective decisions – involve your staff in larger decisions, ask them directly what motivates them.
    • Be enthusiastic – get excited about staff accomplishments and achievements.

These are just some simple guidelines for how to motivate staff, used by us for years as our workforce grows every month. Motivation is such a vital element of a successful business, and something as simple as a “good job” can really go a long way in the eyes of an individual. So be sure to communicate with your team and get them involved in decision-making.

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