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How does cleanliness effect productivity?

How does cleanliness effect productivity?

Have you ever entered a cluttered office, initially excited to start a new day fresh and lively, only to feel claustrophobic and agitated with the levels of mess “messing” with your concentration, leading to lower level of productivity and accomplishment?

Below we’ve listed 4 ways how productivity can be increased by a clean office:

    • Reduced workplace absenteeism – Office furniture and equipment are a breeding ground for germs and bacteria, with the average keyboard harbouring up to 7,500 bacteria per swab at any one time! All these germs and pathogens can aid the spread of illnesses around the office, and thus can result in increased sickness absence rates in the workplace. Therefore, the cleaner the office, the more work your staff can do.

    • Increased motivation – Whether it’s a messy car or a cluttered bedroom, we’ve all been in a dirty or cluttered situation once in our lives. Coming into work with a fresh, sparkling desk and office floor space can lift morale and boost the motivation of your staff. A clean, well-ordered working environment can also make it easier for workers to be organised and efficient.

    • Professional approach – Can you expect your staff to be hardworking, goal orientated individuals when the workplace is a mess. The perception of your company starts with your office’s appearance. A clean and tidy workplace creates a professional atmosphere and shows staff and clients that you’re serious about your work.

    • Reduces stress – A disorderly, chaotic, and unclean office can be attributed to an increase in stress levels in certain circumstances. Where stress lies, forms of long-term sickness absence are soon to follow with employees feeling claustrophobic and tense. By turning your office into a cleaner, welcoming environment where everything is ordered and relaxed, your employees will likely soon adapt a relaxed and positive mindset to, that’s conducive to good work.
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