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How to protect your cleaning business & clients during the Coronavirus Pandemic

This post will describe what we do for clients to keep them safe during the crisis, and in turn how we protect our own workers.

In addition to closely following mandates from the local government, here are some best practices that are being adopted by cleaning businesses in response to Covid-19:

  1. Always be wearing gloves – Wearing gloves while cleaning and touching shared surfaces, followed by thoroughly washing hands before and after wearing the gloves.


  1. Pay close attention to disinfectants – Following manufacturer’s instructions for application and ventilation of cleaning solutions and disinfectants. Make sure to use disinfectants with at least 70% alcohol, being the minimum level to kill bacteria and pathogens.


  1. Focus on high-touch surfaces – In addition to areas that are regularly cleaned, the team will make sure to pay extra attention to areas with high-touch traffic, such as handles, remote light switches.


  1. Clean your cleaning equipment – Our team will be sure to clean their equipment after use, to kill off any pathogens or bacteria that are transferred, minimizing the risk when traveling to other clients and when the equipment is brought back to the storage depot.


  1. Avoid human contact during your cleaning jobs – Remain socially distant from other workers and clients if present. We try to avoid cleaning houses and buildings which are occupied, to minimize the risk of any pathogens being spread.


  1. Communicate regularly with your clients and employees – Openly communicate with clients and employees about the current situation, for example, if someone is self-isolating or if there’s a possible outbreak at a residence. Stay in close contact with employees to make sure they are safe, well, and able to work.


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