We provide professional business to business cleaning services for a range of commercial and corporate clients: Industrial Cleaning, Brick Cleaning, Coronavirus & Deep Cleaning, Residential Cleaning, Commercial & Contract Cleaning and Hospitality & Care.

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Industrial Cleaning

We work with some of the major housebuilders in the North East to make sure that their new-build properties have been fully cleaned, inside and out, and we are almost the last to leave before the proud new owners move in.

From cleaning the windows to cleaning the carpets, our versatile team will always be carrying the correct equipment for any size job. Allowing us to meet the critical standards of excellence you would expect from us.

Whether it’s a builders clean, a sparkle clean, or simply a clean of the worker cabins, welfare units, show houses or sales offices, we have the team for you.

Brick Cleaning

Our brick cleaning teams are the best in the business, focusing on brick houses, driveways and graffiti removal. Not only this, we use a steam based brick cleaning device, rather than the typical water or acid cleaners.

We use ThermaTech’s superheated water cleaning system, whose water can reach a temperature of 150°C. The system is highly effective for removing soot, grease, oil and organic matter from a wide range of substrates. The temperature that the steam reaches can sterilise surfaces without the use of chemicals, leaving for a much better quality and sustainable brick finish. This system is also a lot quieter than entry level washers, not disturbing surrounding residents and workers.

More information on the equipment we use can be found here: ThermaTech Brochure

Coronavirus & Deep Cleaning

There are many reasons why a property may require a one-off, deep clean:

-Following an outbreak of Coronavirus, or another virus that can cause respiratory, gastrointestinal or neurological diseases in humans.

-Pre-inspection deep cleans in commercial kitchens and restaurants.

-Deep cleans of commercial or industrial properties.

The equipment we use is as follows:

  • Electrostatic Spray Gun Fogger – the most up-to-date and effective equipment needed to prevent contamination
  • Byotrol Quat-free Surface Sanitiser* – independently tested and shown to be effective against coronavirus as well as common germs such as bacteria and yeasts.


There’s very little we haven’t seen over the years, so if you have a property in need of a deep clean, don’t be afraid to get in touch. We’ll be happy to help.

Residential Cleaning

With the Northeast being a popular choice for students across the world, many rent rooms in houses of which have shared communal areas.

These particular areas are hotspots for the growth of germs and bacteria, especially important due to the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020. These require regular cleaning to not only keep bacteria at bay but also to attract optimum rental income for the owners.

Our Residential Team works closely with a property managers, facility management companies and estate agents, providing regular cleaning services for communal areas as well as end-of-tenancy deep cleans to make the property ready for the next set of tenants.

We also offer:

  • Oven cleaning and mould removal services
  • Domestic cleaning services including external paths, driveways, and patios
  • External brick cleaning and carpet, upholstery, and mattress cleaning also available

Commercial & Contract Cleaning

Our contract team take care of our long-term contract clients who typically require daily or weekly cleans in larger, big-block buildings.

These are high volume, quick turnaround in large communal areas for organisations such as social housing associates.

We offer daily contract and one-off cleans across all sectors including education, healthcare, hospitality and gyms.

Hospitality and Care

Closing hospitality and care homes due to an outbreak of an infectious disease, such as Covid19, is not only extremely disruptive but can be financially crippling.

Due to high footfall, in bars, restaurants and hotels, these industries are particularly vulnerable to bacteria and infectious diseases, and therefore need to take every precaution to protect staff and customers alike.

We also offer a thorough carpet cleaning service for the hospitality cleaning service, leaving your bars, hotels and restaurants looking spotless.

Our teams at JGH Property Services are on hand to not only ensure your premises are kept clean and hygienic on a routine, daily basis, but are also highly experienced and detail oriented in carrying out deep cleans, enabling businesses to reopen their doors as soon as possible in the event of an outbreak.

Emergency Cover

Avoid being let down at the last minute, add us onto your preferred contractor list today to receive preferential service in an emergency

Deep cleaning services following rodent, insect and pest infestations

Bacterial and viral control specialists

Water extraction following water leaks and flood damage

Fire and smoke damage deep cleaning

Mould and spore eradication

Full house clearances services available upon request

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