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What can you do to improve staff retention?

Due to the nature of work, we do here at JGH Property Services, we learned quickly that staff turnover can be quite high. Therefore, we had to adapt quickly and establish methods to best retain our staff after certain difficult to stomach jobs.

In this post, we’re going to let you in on our secrets to retaining your workforce:

  • Hire the right people – A simple, yet commonly overlooked method, hiring the right people to start off with likely improve the levels of retainment. You can do this by looking for specific keywords in their CV; resilient, hard-working, and headstrong are good examples.

If your retention levels are low, rethink your interviewing tactics, and correctly define the jobs you’re advertising for.

  • Support throughout their employment, from the very start – By mentoring and guiding the new recruits you gradually introduce them to all aspects of the business, therefore allowing them to not just feel like a worker ant, but as an important cog in the machine that is your business.
  • Get connected and focus on employee engagement – By focusing on employee engagement, you ensure that every member of staff understands how their roles impact the functionality of the business and contribute to the wider goals and big picture of the company.
  • Offer tangible rewards – Reward your employee’s tangible rewards over wage bonuses, such as providing cakes and other treats, or offering flexible working hours for your staff, paying lunch occasionally.
  • Regular Review Meetings – Review meetings allow employees to reach out to managers to give feedback and vice versa. This constructive criticism can help both improve the working environment but also improve the worker’s perception of the employee, being open to change and listening to their workforce.

It’s easy to blame departing staff for their decision to leave the company, however, most leavers only do so because you’re giving some a reason to leave. By acknowledging that you can do a better job of retaining staff, and taking the above steps into consideration, it’s likely you’ll see your retention rates skyrocket.

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