Hiring a cleaner

What should you consider when hiring a cleaner?

Anyone who has ever used a professional domestic cleaning company understands the trouble of finding a cleaning professional you can trust in your own home.

With our knowledge of the cleaning industry and cleaning professionals, here’s what to look for and how to arrange for a cleaner whom you trust to take care of your home.

  • Decide which type of domestic cleaning service you would prefer? A team of cleaners can get more done in an allocated timeframe; however, it can be more expensive. On the other hand, a solo cleaner can be more inexpensive, however, may take longer to finish cleaning a room.


  • Think about how many man-hours you need per week. How long would you want the cleaner to be in your house? Will this be when you’re at work or when you’re at home, and which times work best for you? Also, this depends on how much work they can accomplish in the time given.


  • Arrange for the company to do a walkthrough. This simply means the company cleaners come to your home for an inspection and to introduce themselves to the homeowner, laying the foundations for a trusting relationship. Also, here the cleaner can give you an accurate quote from what you require from them.


  • Ask for references. CRB security checks are essential when working in a home where they may be children and vulnerable adults. Do NOT skip this step; you need to know who you’re letting into your home.


  • Check insurance details. Ask for proof of insurance details, because accidents will happen, and you need to make sure the company will cover any breakages or spills.


  • Double-check the rates of pay, making sure you’re paying for the right number of cleaners and allocated hours, with the correct price.


Other things you should make sure you’re aware of or do:

  • Ask if they have a checklist.
  • Discuss cleaning supplies, whether the cleaner brings their own.
  • Allow plenty of time for the work to be done, remember that housecleaning is hard work and takes time to be done right.
  • Run through any items in your house which need special care
  • Try to be flexible with hours, days around school holidays.
  • Tidy Up, wash the dishes, keep all surfaces clutter-free, and put away the laundry pile.
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