What We Do

We provide professional cleaning services for a range of commercial and corporate clients, ensuring their buildings are kept clean and sanitised, protecting their residents, workers and visitors from bacteria, germs and viruses that can cause illness.

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Industrial & Brick

From external power washing and graffiti removal to site cleaning, one-off deep cleans and commercial carpet cleaning, no job is too big for our industrial team. We work with some of the major housebuilders in the North East to make sure that their new-build properties have been fully cleaned, inside and out, and we are almost the last to leave before the proud new owners move in!

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The North East is a popular choice for students and professionals from across the world, and this has fuelled a rise in the local rental market. Many rent rooms in homes of multiple occupancies or large student blocks and halls of residence, which have shared communal areas which can easily become a hotbed of germs and bacteria. These require regular cleaning to not only keep bacteria at bay but also to attract optimum rental income for the owners. Our Residential Team works closely with a number of local letting agents, providing regular cleaning services for communal areas as well as end-of-tenancy deep cleans to make the property ready for the next set of tenants.

Commercial, Block & Contract Cleaning

Our Contracts Team take care of our long-term contract clients who typically require daily or weekly cleans in larger, big-block buildings. These are high volume, quick turnaround cleans in large communal areas for organisations such as social housing associations.

Deep Cleaning

There are many reasons why a property may require a one-off, deep clean:

  • Post-infestation (flies, rodents)
  • Following an outbreak of sickness and diarrhoea or coronavirus
  • Pre-inspection deep cleans in commercial kitchens and restaurants
  • Deep cleans in commercial properties about to go on the market

There’s little we haven’t seen over the years, so if you have a property in need of a deep clean, get in touch and we’re happy to help.

Hospitality and Care

Closing hospitality and care homes due to an outbreak of an infectious disease such as Covid19 is not only extremely disruptive but can be financially crippling. Due to high footfall, especially in bars, restaurants and hotels, these industries are particularly vulnerable to bacteria and infectious diseases, and therefore need to take every precaution to protect staff and customers alike. Our team at JGH is on hand to not only ensure your premises is kept clean and hygienic on a routine, daily basis, but is also highly experienced in carrying out deep cleans, enabling businesses to reopen their doors as soon as possible in the event of an outbreak.

If you want professional cleaning services from a team that you can trust – look no further.